Real Estate Consulting

Private Client Service, Inc. is a licensed Real Estate company. We offer commercial and residential mortgage/financing consulting services. Private Client Services, Inc. saves you time and money by creating a competitive environment that forces the market to earn your commercial and residential loan and line of credit business. We are not a lender, and do not have any proprietary products. Our expertise lies in sourcing lending conduits that best fit your particular profile and property. We can also source Real Estate financing against a portfolio of marketable securities. For larger, more complex, lending transactions we can bring in our lending partners who can finance projects, ranging from small real estate investments, to high-rises and development of communities. We will also work with the client to select strategic partners for development and management of their projects from A-Z. We will help you fill the gap, or put the complete project and team together. We also have experience in managing properties, and can assist you as your internal resource in overseeing your properties. Aligned with our overall mission, we work for you, and are here to represent your best interest.


We can also assist you in seeking out suitable opportunities here in the US and abroad. If you are looking to invest in, or manage property anywhere in the world, difficulties can be experienced in locating, assessing and managing these investments. We can also help you find investment opportunities across various property sectors and continents. We have a network of local professionals who understand their local markets. We offer strategic advice, and can help you source and execute these investment opportunities.

We can also assist the overseas investor wishing to purchase real estate in the United States. We can structure and manage the project from identification to fruition. Your real estate acquisition interest and desire can be anywhere in the world, and can include residential, office, retail and/or commercial sectors. Our networks of professional partners are placed throughout the world, and can facilitate every aspect of the project.

We can also assist in sourcing of properties suitable for development or land banking. The long-term nature of property investments, tax considerations, and scarcity of quality opportunities predicates and requires caution. If you wish to diversify your wealth amongst a number of asset classes and invest in property, our Real Estate network and experience provides a way of meeting this aim.

Risk Warnings: Real Estate is an illiquid form of investment. Before entering into any transaction, clients should ensure they fully understand the potential risks and rewards given their investment objectives, experience and other relevant circumstances.