Protective Services

Private Client Services, Inc. is licensed with the Bureau of Security and Investigative services. Our consulting and advisory services include:

Private Client Services, Inc.’s security network provides corporate executives, celebrities, and other high net-worth individuals, and their families, with a full range of discreet, personal and professional protection services that facilitate their business careers, public appearances, social activities and private lives.

We work with professional industry partners that best fit your needs based on the rigorous security standards used by Government agencies and under the direction of former Intelligence, Secret Service, Police and other experienced professionals. Private Client Services Inc.’s Partners employ similar protective protocols and procedures for Executive and Family Protection and Advance Service programs.

These services ensure the most appropriate use of protective measures to minimize intrusions into the executives and their family’s time and schedule and, when necessary, minimize public exposure. Private Client Services, Inc.’s Protective Partnerships are available for high-profile or high-risk individuals and their family members. We can source and deploy a partner for every type of situation.

Based on each partner’s core competencies, and special industry practice areas, Private Client Services, Inc. provides specialized consulting and advisory services to its corporate, institutional and private clients. PCS’s partners and advisors are each drawn from their recognized discipline, or area of expertise, and include specialists from law enforcement and private practice.

Private Client Services, Inc. can work with its expert partners to support special events and corporate initiatives to provide a safe environment for all attendees. We maintain extensive affiliations that allow us to provide these security services throughout the world.