Private Jet Charters

Private jet travel offers families, and business executives, a long list of advantages in today’s changed world. Experience all the benefits of owning your own jet – freedom, control and flexibility – without the responsibilities. Private jet travel is available to more people than ever before. We work with world class providers to offer a flexible option that give individuals and corporations the power to choose precisely the kind of flying experience that’s right for them. Please contact us for a consultation regarding your one time special event or recurring family or corporate needs. Private Client Services, Inc. helps you to experience all the benefits of owning a private jet, without the commitments and costs normally associated with private or fractional ownership programs.

Charter Flights

Private Client Services, Inc. works with the worlds most comprehensive and efficient private jet brokerage companies. With access to operators of the large networks of luxury charter jets, we arrange access to the ideal private aircraft for any given flight to any destination in the world.

There are no membership fees, acquisition costs, or monthly maintenance charges. Reserving a private charter flight couldn’t be easier. No matter what the size or length of the trip, Private Client Services, Inc. arranges access to jet charters on the appropriately sized private charter aircraft for each and every trip.

Because we have access to a variety of operators of private jets in every size and performance range, you can be assured that every flight will meet your needs.

Business Charters Jet Services

Let Private Client Services, Inc. be your company’s flight department.

An alternative to owning a single executive aircraft or small fleet of executive jets, Private Client Services, Inc. allows businesses to maximize their productivity while minimizing their investment.

Multiple executive charter flights can be arranged to fly private flights simultaneously, allowing for global outreach and maximum efficiency. Precious time is saved through onboard meetings and expedited boarding. Even ground transportation and security can be arranged, ensuring that each executive jet trip is seamless.

For all your private charter jet rentals and charters Private Client Services, Inc. is the complete private jet charter brokerage company to use.

Does your company or family have its own flight department?

Whatever service you need, we are here to represent you or your company. With most jets your journey can start from a convenient local airport. We also have access to helicopters for local, and/ or travel, to places that are not fixed-wing accessible. You tell us your needs, we provide you with full service, safety, security, luxury, convenience, access anywhere in the world:

Light Jet

If you will be flying with 6-8 people traveling up to 2,000 miles, the light jet category might be right for you.

Midsize Jet

If you will be flying with 7-9 people traveling up to 2,500 miles, the midsize jet category might be right for you.

Super Midsize Jet

If you will be flying with 8-9 people traveling up to 3,500 miles, the super midsize jet category might be right for you.

Large Jet

If you will be flying with 8-14 people traveling up to 5,000 miles, the large jet category might be right for you.

Commercial Aircraft

If you will be flying with 50-300 people traveling up to 7,500 miles, the commercial aircraft category might be right for you.